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Mark is a guitarist/vocalist living in Santa Cruz. He plays in several Bay Area bands. Since moving to Santa Cruz from Canada 14 years ago Mark has continued his passion of playing the blues and has opened for such major artists as Johnny Winder and Dr. John. Mark plays regularly in Taiwan as well and has played with artists such as David Sinclair, Andy Santana, Shun Kikuta and BopoMofo.


Streuth is a local Santa Cruz 3 piece blues group playing Chicago, Texas, London and contemporary blues. Streuth members are Mark on guitar and vocals, Marty Thompsom a long time Santa Cruz resident on bass and vocals and Ray Love another long time Santa Cruz resident on drums. Mark, Marty and Ray are all avid blues fans and are most happy when they are playing the music they love for audiences in the Bay Area.

The NightDrivers

Mark also plays in The NightDrivers another rockin’ band from Santa Cruz County that commands the stage with a show that takes the audience for a great ride. They are an enthusiastic, hard driving four piece with influences in rock, jazz, country and blues. Some of the artists they cover include Robben Ford, Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and Tommy Castro.

Bruce Guynn and Big Rain

Mark also plays guitar with Bruce Guynn & Big Rain. Big Rain are considered the definitive workingman’s band with their award-winning Redwood Coast Rock—a genre combining Country, Rock, and Blues. Releasing five albums over the last decade, Bruce Guynn has written numerous songs that’ve topped both US and international charts. Wherever they travel, stateside or abroad, Bruce and his band continue to dish up full-bodied musical fare.


Blues, baby! With some classic old school R&B, Soul and soulful originals in the mix. BoPoMoFo is hosing the Sappho Live blues jam from Jan 1st 2018 to the end of March 2018.

Streuth East

When Mark is visiting or living in Taiwan he has another version of Streuth with players from Taiwan.

Blues Mechanics

Mark on Guitar/Vocals, the amazing magic of Brett Mechanic on Harp and bassist Patrick McGinity from Deepstone supplying the groove and pumping out the bottom end.

DC & Me

For more than 50 years, DC has been singing madrigal, plain-song, oratorio, art song, opera, musicals, jazz, Blues, swing, rock, pop, country–western and even some jingles. He’s performed in choirs and choral groups in Europe and America; played sax, flute and bass clarinet in concert and jazz bands; guitar, harmonica, sax and flute in rock bands, Blues bands, funk bands and show bands. A music school graduate, he majored in vocal performance and minored in piano, flute and saxophone at Springfield College in Illinois, a prestigious, private school with a conservatory music curriculum. <br> DC's experience as a performer is as wide as it is varied. While living in Los Angeles (f'rinstance) DC was performing and recording original songs in a New Wave rock band and during the same time-frame, was singing the role of Colline in a semi-professional production of Puccini’s ‘La Boheme’ and studying with Baldo dal Ponte of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. <br> DC & Me is a duo with DC and Mark playing R&B, American Songbook, Blues, Rock and Jazz.

Red Lipped Bat Fish

Red Lip Bat Fish (紅唇蝠魚) is a Taipei-based quartet who play late ‘60s, early ‘70s blues-based rock and R&B, covering artists such as Cream, Hendrix and Zappa, but with their own unique twist and feel. Band Members: 鼓手:Ben Burkland is the drummer. He is from Kansas. He likes shrimp and crab. 貝斯手:Greg (G.E.) Anderson is the bass player. He grew up in Louisiana and played drums for 30 years. 吉他手:Mark Howe is the lead guitarist. He's from Canada. He's also from California and studied at GIT. He has a weird headless guitar. Go figure... 歌手/吉他:DC Rapier sings and plays guitar. He also named the band. Blame him. Red Lip Bat Fish was formed under a full moon on 4-11-17 in Taipei, Taiwan. Jamming ensued. What is a “Red Lip Bat Fish”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-lipped_batfish 《紅唇蝠魚》是什麽? http://baike.baidu.com/item/红唇蝙蝠鱼

Groove Forge

Three piece blues band with Atilla Pamir on bass and Ben Burkland on drums, one of Taiwans premiere rythm sections. We play a mix of traditional and modern blues including some blues fusion songs.

Tony, Carol and Me

Wonderful mix of blues, R&B, Rock and Roll, Folk and Pop music. Carol is a one of kind vocalist, with soulful and bluesy voice. Tony and Mark add guitars and vocals and often have friends sitting in.

Tony Taylor and the Rockets

Tony Taylor and the Rockets are a 5 piece blues band with multiple vocalist playing a variety of blues with some of the best musicians around. We host the primary blues jam in Taipei at Sappho's every Sunday night from 9:30 pm to 12:00.


INTERNS or “Die Praktikanten” is a band playing originals and covers. Our new songs are uploaded regularly onto the You Tube Channel: Klaus Bluetner.The band is also offers themed specials such as 70s music, 80's music, vocal jazz, dinner jazz, Beatles only, Abba only, Elvis only etc.”.

Sappho Jack

The mysterious Sappho Jack is back

Groove House

Groove House is a band created by Mark from Groove Forge and Tony Alton from Poor House especially to host the blues Jam at Sapphos in October. This is rockin' band with Atilla on bass, Martin on drums and Mark and Tony both on guitar and vocals

DC & the Funky Duds

There was once a young kid from (fill in the blank) who dreamt of being in a soul and funk band. One thing lead to another ( as things are wont to do) and voila! - DC & the Funky Duds. DC & the Funky Duds is about players playing for fun - the reason most of players started playing music in the first place. DC & the Funky Duds is a socio-musical experiment which tests the premise of what constitutes a band. DC & the Funky Duds is band that's not a band - it's an on-going music project for - you know - funky fun. Cuz you know, you can't have fun without the funk and you can't have 'funk' without the 'fun'. Sometimes there are 9 or more F-Dudders ripping it up and throwing it down. Sometimes there are fewer, but there are always some of the best players on the Taipei scene joining the F-Duds' fray. DC & the Funky Duds gonna funk you up, make whole yo' soul, move your groove and rock your role. Git wit' it! Hit it and quit it!

Tony Taylor



Kid Charlemange

Steely Dan Tribute Band

Country Gentlemen


Small Town Boys DC Rapier originals

Blues Dog

A duo with Harp/Vocalist Jim Klar and myself on Guitar/Vocals


Funky Jazzy

Cosmic Inversion

Electric Monk

Kyle is a great songwriter with a great band performing his original tunes

Risa Review

Ariel Trio

Canada Day Band

Band that performs Canadian songs on Canada Day.


Our Song List

Big Boss Man / Jimmy Reed
Blizzard / Streuth
Lenny / SRV
Mary Anne / Ray Charles
T-Bone Shuffle / T-Bone Walker>
North Carolina / Robben Ford
Chevrolet / Taj Mahal
Steppin Out / Clapton
Come On / Hendrix
Oh Pretty Woman / Albert King
Fishin' / Elvin Bishop
Green River / CCR
Half-Whole Blues / Streuth
Hey Joe / Hendrix


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Mark Howe is a blues rock artist living and playing in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Visit us here to check out his up coming gigs, listen to Marks original music and all the latest news. Please contact us for more information or to book his band Streuth for your party or club.

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