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My Blues Life

09/06/11 Early Influences:

When I was relaxing in the sun the other day I started thinking about how I started to listen to the blues. The first 3 albums I really listened to that weren't all Elvis Presley or the Monkees when I was kid were Experience, Fresh Cream and the Grateful Deads first album. We used to hang out in my friends bedroom listening to these over and over on this little turntable he had. Back then I was learning drums and Steve wanted to play bass so we'd sit and listen to these albums for hours playing air drums and bass. I guess that was my first real exposure to the rock and blues.

I wouldn't pick up guitar for another couple of years but when I did that's what I wanted to play. Another album that was pretty influential was Big Brother and the holding company. My older brother had bought that but I think it was me who listened to it all the time. I don't really remember how I got more into blues, but there were 3 albums that I started listenting to for days on end after once I started playing guitar. BB King live at the regal (such a great album), The Beano album with Eric Clapton and the Blues Breakers (amazing playing for 1964/65) and Albert Kings Live Wire (although that must have come later). I liked it because he said anyone could have the blues so I was happy to hear that (white kid from Canada after all).

I think one of my brothers must have given me The Resurrection of Pigby Crabshaw for xmas sometime around then too. I still absolutely love that album, that was the album after Mike Bloomfield left and Elvin Bishop took over all the soloing. If you haven't listened to that album you should get it. I love Elvin Bishops playing on it, very sparse. More to come...

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