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09/17/11 Why do we like what we like:

I think a lot of what I like today is influenced by what I listened to as a kid. It started with my older brothers who listened to rock and roll and sixties music. I was no different that any kid's growing up now who will have a life long love of whatever music is on the radio now. Of course things lead to other things. We do find new things, maybe our tastes broaden as we become more exposed to different styles and genres. It must be like a baby duck imprinting on it's Mother duck :)

Even though I think that's true, I also believe the 60's was the most amazing era ever in music, it kicked in with early Rock n Roll, progressed to the beatles and all the flower pop bands. Then it kept heating up with Clapton, Page and Beck until finally Hendrix explodes on the scene. Hendrix is and always will be my favorite musician. Just amazing stuff he wrote and played. There was something magical about that whole era (well parts of it, the Vietnam war was horrible but maybe that was what spurred the good parts), flower power, kids standing up for peace. All those musicians are still huge influences on today's musicians. At the same time there were Coltrane and Davis making incredible music.

But kids today probably think the same thing about whoever they are growing up listening to. Although even today's kids listen to classic rock so maybe there is something unique about that period.

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