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09/27/11 The eternal quest for sound:

I don't think I'm unusual in my eternal quest for that ultimate sound. I'm just not sure if it's gear lust or just the quest to get the perfect sound. Well it's most likely both. Of course it's easy to lay blame on your equipment. The truth is if you can't play the most expensive gear in the world won't make much difference. Even the great players put a huge amount of effort into choosing and playing with gear to get the sound they want.

Which is why I find myself constantly reading reviews and going to music stores and trying out different amps. I bought my last amp, a Mesa Boogie Express 5-25 about 4 years ago (which is a really really long time for me - I think I went through 6 amps in 3 years before that, 2 of those were boogies too). It's been a really great little map. But I mostly use the clean channel and use an overdrive in front of it when I need some grit instead of using the second channel. So I keep looking...

It's not the only new equipment I've gotten in that time though. Jennifer bought me a Telecaster for my xmas present one year (I kid you not, an american made standard no less). Plus I bought an Eleven Rack, which is a very cool modeling unit. I mainly bought that so I could work on my CD without pissing off my neigbhors (and Jennifer :)) every day. I even tried it live but it just didn't work for me.

So anyway back to my current dilemma (or is it just fun) of searching for the perfect tone. Well I've found what I want after a couple of years of looking (I think :)), Listen to Andy Timmons playing the TA 30 at Namm, man that guy can play, of course the amp sounds great with him playing it, but it really is a great sounding amp. I've played it in the store a bunch of times and really like it. One of the reasons I like my express is because the clean channel has a really nice Voxy sound to it and so the does the TA 30, but the TA 30 has a completely differently voiced 2nd channel that has a really nice Marshall type sound, something I really like as well.

I haven't bought it yet, but I may try to get it before my next gig. You'll be able to tell, it has the coolest blue glow :), Cheers

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