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03/29/20 The Bars So High: The problem with starting to learn something is the bar can be so high. Take something like youtube guitar lesson videos. 10 years ago they were all pretty primitive, but as people got more experience and better equipment and more people start doing them they've have gotten pretty sophisticated. This is something I'm interested in doing but I know I can't produce the quality that I see (yet).

It's intimidating, just like learning guitar now must be, the skill level of guitarists are so high. But when you think about it not's really a problem, it's not like anyone's going to look at my videos as critically as I will (or even look at them for a while). The best thing to do is start making some, learn and get better and figure out something unique I can offer. You have to go through the process to get better, it's like gigging, practicing at home is necessary but at some point you have to go put yourself out there. And that's when you really learn.

The big thing is just start and be persistent.
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Mark Howe is a blues rock artist living and playing in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Visit us here to check out his up coming gigs, listen to Marks original music and all the latest news. Please contact us for more information or to book his band Streuth for your party or club.

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