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09/04/12 Getting Gigs: Man getting steady gigs is one of the hardest and most frustrating things about playing music. There are actually a lot of venues around now but there are a lot more bands. When I first started playing in bands years ago in Vancouver, BC most ... more

12/12/11 Learn to sing at the same time you learn guitar: I've been playing guitar a long time and I think singing is a really important skill for guitar players to develop. You don't have to be a great singer but with practice and a decent ear -which you kinda need anyway to be a guitar player ... more

10/07/11 Jamming with Shun: When I was in Taiwan a few months ago I got the chance to play with Shun Kikuta a few times. Shun was Koko Taylor's guitar player for 9 years as well as having played with a who's who of blues artists including BB King. Check out his ... more

[ Groove House, Tue Feb 25th at Oldie Goodie in Da’an District, Taipei ... >> more info ]
[ Kid Charlemange, Thu Feb 27th at Oldie Goodie in Da’an District, Taipei ... >> more info ]
[ Groove House, Fri Feb 28th at Ton Up Cafe in Bali ... >> more info ]
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Mark Howe is a blues rock artist living and playing in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Visit us here to check out his up coming gigs, listen to Marks original music and all the latest news. Please contact us for more information or to book his band Streuth for your party or club.

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